Studio Services

Record - Mix - Podcast - Master - Jam

Recording Studio


Built to track our custom SSL 6032 Console integrated with Pro Tools HDX gives you the power to get the results you want. With one of the best live rooms in Melbourne along with various isolation booths the studio is designed to make the recording process efficient letting you focus on the performance

Woman Working at Mixing Console


Both our control rooms offer in the box and console mixing on Pro Tools HDX systems. All rooms are acoustically treated with state of the art monitoring to get the best from your mix. With the best outboard gear and plugins available get the mix you want without the hassle.

On Air Sign


We offer Podcast and Videocast recording using the latest audio,video and streaming technology. Record on our live set or kick back in one of our isolation booths depending on your preference.

Image by Amin Asbaghipour


The final piece of the puzzle. Bring your final mix or production to life with professional Mastering that will make your product stand up against the rest. Using a combination of analogue and digital gear we can dial it in just the way you like it.